Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pro Begger

ProBegger is an attempt to earn donations through the power of the internet.

Enough donations to buy a house. 150k US is really the minimum amount to get into a house in New Zealand in the small town I live in.

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My name is Darcy Lee. Help fund my dreams.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking for Donations.... My Old House

So my house is really small and I can't afford to buy a new one.  I'm just renting but the rent is cheap NZ $85 per week.  Ok so anyone want to buy me a new house in New Zealand?  My house is on the mainroad of town so lots of traffic and really loud.  The footpath is outside my front door.  The video is proof someone should buy me a house?

This was the house where I used to live.  I have moved now to a much better but much more expensive house.  My old house ended up getting over run by mice.  I captured 11 in 13 days and they were still going strong they went through everything and wrecked a lot of stuff.

Anyway I have moved now I am still trying to find money to get my own house.  You can donate to me here by clicking the paypal button.

Donation Amount

Fuel Economy of a Honda Today 50cc Scooter.

This is the scooter I own. I filled the tank on Wednesday my pay day and the km's were 2842.6km.  The following Wednesday the km's read 2947.8km for a total of 105.2km travelled. I filled the tank to the same place and had used a total of 2.89 litres.  This equals 36.4 km/l or 103 mpg least I think my maths sucks.  Really I don't know my maths sucks.  

The scooter is a 2007 Honda nvs50 or Honda Today and has an approximately 5 litre tank.

What this Site was for.

I created this webpage sometime ago when I had purchased the domain  That domain has expired from my possession and someone else has picked it up.  It was probably a good domain to keep hold of but financially I guess I just couldn't do it.

I'm now running as my main webpage but i'm not posting there much.  I also have where i'm trying to sell rocks.

I thought what i might do is post a few videos from my Youtube account Piratevoice.  I found myself the other day pronouncing it Piratevoice as PowerAdvice.

So heres some videos.